Batch January 2019 to June 2019

** Dates subject to change January Batch 2018-19 Semester I

Events ** Tentative Dates
Commencement of the Semester Academics for Sem I 7th January 2019 (Monday)
Induction Week 8th January 2019 (Tuesday) to 10th January (Thursday)
Republic Day 26th January 2019 (Compulsory Attendance)
First Internal Assessment for Sem I 4th February to 9th February 2019 (Monday - Saturday)
Second Internal Assessment for Sem I 25th February to 2nd March 2019 (Monday - Saturday)
Holi Holiday 21st March 2019 (Thursday)
Third Internal Assessment for Sem I 25th March to 30th March 2019 (Monday - Saturday)
Gudhi Padwa Holiday 6th April 2019 (Saturday)
Fourth Internal Assessment for Sem I 29th April to 4th May 2019 (Monday - Saturday)
Maharashtra Day Holiday 1st May 2019 (Wednesday)
Other Internal Assessments for Sem I To be conducted before Last week of May 2019
Last day of Teaching 18th May 2019 (Saturday)
Preparatory Leave 20th May 2019 to 25th May 2019
End term & Backlog Examination 27th May 2019 to 1st June 2019
Summer Break 3rd June 2019 to 8th June 2019
Commencement of new academic semester II - Full semester Internship 10th June 2019 (Monday)
Caution Notice