SSCA degree program is the path to an exciting career in the amazing world of food. We offer a Bachelor’s degree in the culinary arts (B.Sc. – Culinary Arts) that include courses in baking and pastry arts, applied food studies, and culinary science for advanced studies. SSCA is a dynamic and immersive place to study the art and science of food production and presentation. The program is comprehensive and has an excellent balance of theory, practical’s sessions and industry exposure all adding up to 150 credits with hands-on kitchen instructions supervised by expert faculty in state-of-art facilities.

Our culinary graduate program helps you explore the real aspects of a role in an industry kitchen through a classroom setting that is a replica kitchen — your exploratory space! You can develop a strong foundation of foodservice, operations, management skills and knowledge that can directly transfer to day one in the field. Most of your time is spent side-by-side with your peers and our Chef Educators, who offer one-on-one mentoring opportunities as you prepare complete meals and experience each station in our state-of-the-art kitchen setting. Students from diverse academic background, talented and keen on investing in the right education and training for a bright future in the food industry are invited to join SSCA. Here at the SSCA, you will find a supportive workplace and tools to help you achieve professional and personal growth.

With the projected growth of the industry there is a crying need for skilled and trained employees and graduates of culinary arts will find placements in -:

  • Starred hotels around the world
  • Stand Alone restaurants
  • Flight Kitchens and Cruise liners
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Industrial and institutional Catering

If you are creative , you love food and feeding people interests you; if you are passionate about foods of the world and are keen to explore this domain, SSCA is the place for you to be.

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